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Benefit from experience and the view from outside! If you are involved in the structures of your own company on a daily basis, you can sometimes lose an objective view of the big picture. However, this is particularly important in phases of change and restructuring in order to lead your company successfully into the future. New guidelines and procedures – whether imposed from outside or necessary within the company – require reorientation within the company, which must be well thought out and coordinated. UPIQUITY supports you here with holistic considerations, objective optimization possibilities as well as the certain additional value for your company.

GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance)

The Governance, Risk & Compliance model helps to maintain an overview of complex corporate processes and to manage them holistically. In this way, it helps companies and organizations to operate successfully and in compliance with laws and other regulations. In the interests of responsible corporate governance for the benefit of the organization as a whole and various external stakeholders, particular importance is attached not only to compliance with the law but also to the observance of internally binding regulations. The holistic management and early identification of risks that jeopardize the company’s objectives are just as important for its continued existence and economic success as compliance with laws and regulations and the set of ethical and moral values that underpin an organization’s activities.

On the way to your holistic GRC system, we accompany you from the analysis of your existing systems to the identification of fields of action to the organizational, process-related and digital implementation of GRC. In addition to years of experience with Governance, Risk & Compliance, we also use a fresh view from the outside to identify your company’s extensive optimization potential.

Compliance of financial institutions and ICT service providers

Financial institutions and also their ICT service providers are increasingly facing complex regulatory requirements. The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), to be implemented by affected companies by 2025, aims to develop a harmonized European approach to digitalized finance to facilitate the adoption of new technologies by financial institutions. It applies to a broad range of regulated financial companies at EU level and also to external ICT service providers to ensure that ICT risks in particular are managed in a uniform manner.

Avoid million dollar penalties! Compliance with DORA’s regulatory requirements is a complex process of mapping current structures and processes, planning decisions, and implementing actions. On this challenging path, we accompany your organization with our expertise to integrate the necessary new policies and procedures as smoothly as possible in your company.

Infrastructure management and consulting

Staff shortages at management level, as well as phases of restructuring that entail increased personnel expenditure, often present companies with major difficulties. Even in these challenging times, we are there for you and support you with our expertise. By providing experienced, competent interim management for a limited period of time, we relieve your management level in the event of staff shortages until a permanent solution has been found. In the case of reorganizations of existing structures, an additional interim manager provided by us supports the acute changes, while the regular management continues the day-to-day business. Our consultants support with studies, strategies, planning services as well as project management and advise on asset and cost optimization. So nothing stands in the way of a smooth workflow, even in challenging times.

Use case design – use case architecture and solution finding

We offer digital solutions for analog problems. Whatever difficulty you face, it often takes a fresh look from the outside to achieve a suitable strategy for solving the problem. Decades of experience in various industries and the use of our smart technologies enable us to support you even with unique, individual problems and to show you ways and means tailored to your situation to overcome obstacles. The areas of application here are diverse and range from determining the potential for fallow land to counting unmanageable quantities (e.g. livestock in a defined region). We work with you to implement your idea or find a solution to your problem in a specific use case and also accompany you in testing the concept on a cloud of your choice.

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

The world of finance is constantly changing and the requirements for compliance and risk management are becoming increasingly complex. As a company in the financial sector, you are faced with the challenge of not only meeting the requirements of the EBA, FMA and BaFin, but also keeping an eye on the regulatory requirements of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Compliance with these regulations is not only a legal imperative, but also crucial to ensure the integrity and success of your business.

We understand that compliance with DORA is one of your biggest challenges. Implementing these regulations requires not only comprehensive knowledge of existing company structures and processes, but also the ability to make well-founded decisions and implement effective measures. This is exactly where we come in. UPIQUITY is your partner for governance, risk and compliance management. With more than 20 years of experience in finance, the public sector and the IT industry, we are active in the international market and offer comprehensive services in the areas of strategy, planning, implementation, integration and operation.


Why UPIQUITY is the best choice

Our added value lies in the holistic consideration of your compliance requirements and risks. We work with you to create transparency through gap analyses, assess risks and identify areas for action. We support you in implementing effective measures to ensure your compliance and minimize your risks. Thanks to our independence and our comprehensive know-how, we are able to develop individual solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure.

UPIQUITY also offers a wide range of functions and services to help you trade better, faster and easier in the future. Our services include the automation of business processes and workflows, the integration of new technologies and renewable energies into your infrastructure, partner management and support with M&A transactions.

Our expertise and references

We are proud to work with one of the big international accounting firms (Big 4), which underlines our capabilities and experience.

Our international services include consulting and implementation to ensure that your company acts in accordance with DORA regulations. With our help, you can not only avoid fines, but also seamlessly integrate new technologies into your workflow.

UPIQUITY offers governance, risk and compliance management at the highest level. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your compliance requirements. With us at your side, you can ensure that your compliance culture is strengthened and that you minimize compliance risks.

Our services

We offer GRC consulting services that cover the full range of your governance, risk and compliance requirements. Our approach includes:

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